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Every month more than 2 billion logged-in YouTube Users. YouTube is one of the best video platform among other social media channels. Nowadays users spend more hours in a day.

There are millions of videos gets uploaded to the YouTube in a Day. So, one of the biggest challenge faces by Digital Marketer is, to make sure that their videos don’t drop ranking among the million videos.

In this situation, they have to use some of the YouTube SEO Optimization tools to rank their YouTube video on top on the search results. This is called as YouTube SEO.

Some of the basic details has to be applied in your YouTube Channel before we start talking about the list of tools.

Add Video information once uploaded on YouTube

There are many basic required information needs to be added in the video. Video Title, Video Description, Tags and attractive and relevant thumbnails.

Now, will see the list of YouTube SEO Optimization tools that boost your video views.

  • YouTube Analytics
  • TubeBuddy

Keyword Tool

This is one of the easiest tool to find right keywords to target your audiences. You need to spend some time to find your target audiences what they are likely searching for.

Audience search pharses help us to understand what users interested in. List of right keywords will help your YouTube video to reach maximum relevant users and drive relevant traffic.

Keyword Tool help you to find great keywords from the YouTube autocomplete database.

Keyword Tool to find keywords - Online Marketo

In the Keyword Tool, enter the broad keyword to get the keyword suggestions, questions and hashtags.

Keyword Suggestions - Online Marketo

Use Keyword Tool Pro, to get keyword suggestions Search Volume, Trend, CPC and Competition.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics will give you the clear metrics information of each of your channel videos.

You will get metrics of your YouTube Channel like Reach, Engagement and your audience. When you compare each video of your YouTube Channel, you can get clear idea about which video is performing well based on their views, comments and likes.

Get Metrics from Google Analytics - Online Marketo

In the above image, you can see the second video got more number of views and likes. There will be some reasons why it reach more views.

  • Trending Topic.
  • Title and relevant Tags.
  • Description and attractive thumbnail.


Go To your YouTube Channel and add TubeBuddy Tool to analyse the competitors.

First be clear with your competitor in YouTube. Just visit all of their videos which they have uploaded. Just Watch one video of your competitor, you will get much Data which helps to improve your YouTube Video Views.

For Example,

TubeBuddy SEO Tools - Online Marketo

After added the YouTube Buddy, will get these information for each video which you play. Here you can see SUMMARY, SEO, SOCIAL, BEST PRACTICES and TAGS. It gives the competitors video metrics to improve your video views.

In the SEO Section, What are the YouTube SEO optimization tools have done and list of things need to be improved has been given. Based on the competitors your video can optimize properly and increase views for your video.

Use Competitors Tags in your video also one of the important factor to increase your video views.


I have tried these above mentioned tools to do better YouTube SEO. It helps to increase my video views as well as YouTube channel subscribers.

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