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Here I am going to explain to you what are the trending SEO techniques that will boost your website traffic and generate leads. If you already have some basic knowledge about SEO, then this is the right post to get a guide to achieve. 

In this guide, i am explaining top 7 advanced & trending SEO techniques that will easily make you understand and easy to implement. These easiest techniques will help you to increase your website traffic fast and double.

What is Advanced & Trending SEO? 

Advanced & Trending SEO is nothing but “when you implement the list of SEO factors, need to test each factor which one gets succeed and gives you the results” and consider those techniques as Trending SEO techniques. Whenever Google Updates Algorithm, you need to be updated your skills and optimize it on your website. You should have an advanced SEO knowledge and expertise in the industry.

List of Advanced SEO Checklist 

Follow these below advanced SEO tips to improve your website rankings fast.

  1. Add target keywords in the right place of your website.
  2. Update your top ranking inner pages.
  3. Link your website to high DA sites.
  4. Activate the comment section on your blog post.
  5. Resolve duplicate content issues using canonical URLS.
  6. Fix Technical SEO errors.
  7. Find Trending Topics using Google Trends.

These list of SEO Advanced Techniques have implemented and tested it by tracking the website traffic for Online Marketo

Add target keywords in the right place of your website

This is one of the important SEO factors which need to be optimized on your website. Most of the SEO Specialists research their target keywords and just optimize it on your website content. It does not provide you the results. 

Need to optimize in the right place. How? Your target keyword should be optimized in each section on your web page.

  • Use once in the first paragraph of your content. 
  • Use the Target Keyword in Meta Title & Description.
  • Use it at least once in the Heading tags (H1, H2,H3,…H6).
  • Target Keyword density should be 1.75% in a web page.
  • Use Keyword on Alt Attribute.
  • Use Keyword on Hyperlink text.

You don’t want to be an expert to know about using keywords on Meta Tags & Content. It is basic SEO. But many of the people do not know about these things to implement in the right way.

In the above image i just showed in the first paragraph i have optimized the target keyword “Digital marketing”.

Target Keyword has been added in the Meta Title in the above Image.

Target Keyword has been added in the Meta Description in the above Image. After added based on the search queries by the users, Google will get the relevant search term information and show it in SERPs.

Update your top ranking inner pages

One thing you wanted to understand when you started SEO. Whatever users search queries, google shows search terms relevant content and fresh. If you are not focused on updating content regularly on the web pages, you may lose your rankings.

How can you keep your website content fresh?
  • Look at your competitors web pages, if any information is missing add in your web content.
  • Regularly check broken links in your web pages.
  • Update your internal links to point relevant pages in your website.
  • Regularly update on your business news, blogs, gallery, etc.,
  • If any user comments on a web page, reply to their comments.

Link your website to high DA sites

All SEO Experts know how backlinks are important for a website to improve ranking position on Search Engines. But also one more important thing is to link points to other High Domain Authority Sites from your content. 

So, Google understands the importance of your web page based on the number of links pointed out from your content too.  

Links helps to learn more from the linked trusted source. But make sure that you should not over optimize the anchor text.

Activate the comment section on your blog post

Many of the bloggers will not give importance to the comment section in their blog. Because they are not aware of SEO Value or they may be afraid of spam comments.

Here one of the Tweet from Google Employee 


Pages or Posts that have comments are ranked higher than no comments pages which has been proven by Google Employee. If a page has comments or discussion that helps Google to understand how popular the page is and also if a page or post has many comments or interaction, it makes unique visitors stay long on the page. 

Here you can see my blog – “8 Best SEO Blogs to follow in 2020” having comments and some reasonable reach. 

Resolve duplicate content issues using canonical URLS

This is also one of the important SEO Techniques which needs to be solved in the website. If your website has duplicate content, Google will get confused with which page should show on search results. 

For Example, if you have an Ecommerce website, you will be having duplicate content in the category pages. In this issue, you can make sure of Canonical URLs to say Google which page needs to appear on Google Search Results.

Fix Technical SEO errors

If your web pages cannot be crawled and indexed by Google, you need to fix them in Google Search Console. This is a live process and you need to use the URL Inspection Tool to resolve the issues.

In the above image, having an issue called URL is available to Google, but has issues.

This is the only place you can find a list of crawl issues and get the solution to fix it. You have to monitor weekly once is there any crawl and index SEO Technical issues found. 

Find Trending Topics using Google Trends

We all know that How Keyword Research is more important in SEO. Finding the right keywords will make a big difference in website traffic, conversions and keyword ranking.

In the above, after the search “Search Engine Optimization” got the related topics and related queries which are trending.

So, Google Trends is the right place to find the focus keywords or trending topics related to your business. Finding Topics will gain you more popularity. Google index quickly the new content from the trending topics. 


Try all the above Trending SEO Techniques and run a successful business to increase your website traffic, keyword ranking position and generate sales. 

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