Tips to Rank for Questions People will ask during COVID-19

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How to Rank for Questions People Will Ask - Online Marketo

As we all know coronavirus affects around 11 Lakhs people all around the world. In that around 60k people died. And 2 Lakhs and 33 Thousands people were recovered.

Coronavirus affected statistics till 4th Apr - Online Marketo

TODAY [04-04-2020] statistics in the above screenshot. Day by day the count is increasing around the world. To prevent this, all over the world Governments took decisions of lockdown. Currently this is the only solution to avoid spreading coronavirus [COVID-19]. 

Because of this virus, most of the employees have been affected by losing their jobs and struggling to survive daily life. Around 1 Crore employees have lost their jobs in US and 60 Lakhs employees have lost their jobs in UK TILL TODAY. 


Coronavirus has dropped many businesses all over the world. In this point, I need to rethink the marketing strategies and business structure for your business growth.

When you are struggling to bring new business through online, it means that your SEO Strategy also has been affected. So, here I am going to explain to you that “How you are going to rank for the questions people ask during COVID-19” organically.

During COVID-19, most of the marketing people think that adding coronavirus keywords more on the website content will bring business. But it is NOT, Your content should provide value to your customers and convince them to buy from you.

Focus things before creating COVID-19 related content

  • Find out your right customer and the choosing topic is relevant to your business offer
  • Before you create content, check the topic either it is your opinion or fact.
  • BE CLEAR ON – If you share that topic [Coronavirus] to social media, should not be flagged by YouTube and post removed from Facebook.

Choosing high search volume related coronavirus keywords may bring traffic to your website. But your focus should not just bring traffic. So make sure what will be the impact of your content and how it gives value for your brand. Because your brand’s reputation and focus customers only will give value for the business.

Here some of the tips to rank for COVID-19 related questions to increase your brand’s online visibility

  • Research Coronavirus Related Keywords.
  • Look Closely at your audience.
  • Update FAQs on your website.
  • Focus more on Video Content.
  • Monitor Google Updates & SERP Changes.
  • Create seperate page for coronavirus.

Research Coronavirus Related Keywords

Use the best keyword research tool and find out the COVID-19 related questions to rank for. UBERSUGGEST and SEMrush are the best tools to search for “coronavirus” and then find related keywords which will be worth targeting. The Keywords which you are choosing should be relevant to your audience or your business.

And also find out your competitors’ posts, what they are really focused on and how they might turn into business through their coronavirus related questions. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords instead of short term to rank easily on search engines

For Example, If you are into the medical industry, Targeting “What is Coronavirus” will be having more search volume and also more competition. So it is very difficult to rank at this time. So instead of that, as you are into medicine, write a blog like “How the medical industry is booming during coronavirus [COVID-19]?” This one is very easy to rank and brings the right audience to your website.

Look Closely at your audience

If you understand what your audience is looking for, it is easy to find coronavirus related questions and topics. One of the effective ways is if you have a good number of followers on social media and email list.

You can engage with your audience by asking questions. For Example if your are into Digital Marketing Consultant, “How Coronavirus affected digital marketing companies”

Some of the other topics which helps to engage into your website

  1. What does the Coronavirus mean for marketers?
  2. What are the digital marketing ideas to consider during the coronavirus?
  3. How to handle the marketing challenges during coronavirus?

So, when you already have an idea what your audiences are looking for? Once you publish the coronavirus related topics, your audience will engage more on the content.

Update FAQs on your website

Search Engines like Google will prioritize websites based on the content updates. Your website should be up-to-date. Certain times you can update your website. For Example,

  1. Office is closed temporarily.
  2. Removed particular services from your business.
  3. New Changes in your business.

You need to review your existing customer support and FAQ pages to find whether any of the information is required to be updated. Here you can update what is happening COVID-19. You add additional information on coronavirus related questions worthy targeting on these pages.

Focus more on Video Content

Coronavirus related keyword research is increasing day by day in YouTube as well. If you are not fit to create blog content, you can consider YouTube video content. TubeBuddy is the best tool to find coronavirus related topics to create video content. To do YouTube SEO, TubeBuddy helps to analyze the data like picking keywords, tags and other information on competitors.

Then Create Videos that target questions which users are looking for and that information should lead them to your products and services.

Monitor Google Updates & SERP Changes

E-A-T signals says how you need to prepare content which google wants. So build content with coronavirus related questions to rank your site. You need to be keep updated in order to

  1. Create content that is easy to rank.
  2. Ignore creating content that will get dropped from SERPs.

Be aware of changes on the SERP and make the content based on SERP & Google Algorithm Updates.

Create separate page for coronavirus

If you come to know that your audiences have coronavirus related questions, you can create a new web page for coronavirus. This page helps your audience to understand the impact of coronavirus and expand them to other questions.

By doing this, you can target both of your long-tail and short-tail keywords to rank quickly on search engines.


If your goal is just to rank your coronavirus related content, it breaks your audience trust and gets your content dropped from the SERPs. So target coronavirus related questions based on your customers searching for and how it will build your brand without any loss of your audiences.

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