The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes 2020

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes 2020 - Online Marketo

Social Media is the biggest source to market any services or products. Because around 3.8 billion people engage with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., So most business owners give more importance to engaging in social media to generate sales. 

How to Increase Social Media Engagement?

 You should have some key plan before to start working on social media engagement. Ask Questions Yourself

  • What is Your Goal to Achieve in Social Media?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • What type of content are you going to serve your customers?
  • What is the right time to engage with your customer on social media?
  • What are the right tools to get engaged?

What are the Social Media Images Sizes in 2020?

Each Social Media platform will have different sizes of images. So we need to make sure the images are with the right sizes and high quality to engage with the right customers.

Social Media Image Sizes for Top Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
Facebook Image Sizes:

Your business account should not have the same size for all your photos. Each Photo should have different sizes.

Three different Photo sizes are included in Facebook [Profile Pic, Cover Pic & Facebook Posts]

Profile Pic: Your Facebook Profile pic size should be 180*180. If the size is less than that pic will be pixelated. Profile pic will be displayed as rounded.

Cover Pic: Compare to Profile pic, Cover pic is larger. So for your business you can do a creative. The Cover pic image should not be less than 820*312 pixels.

Facebook Posts: Facebook posts are very important to increase your followers and post engagement. High Quality Image Size should be 1200*630 pixels

Twitter Image Sizes:

Twitter has three different sizes of photos. Twitter Header Photos, Profile Photos and In-stream Photos.

Twitter header Photo is nothing but like Cover Photo on Facebook. Twitter Header Pic should have higher resolution photo 1500*1500 pixels.

Twitter Profile photo size should be 400*400 pixels. You can use your brand logo as a profile photo.

In-stream photo is nothing but just doing tweets with good visual images. Keep the image size as 440*220 pixels.

LinkedIn Image Sizes:

LinkedIn is the best platform to meet new people and experts in different fields. Large number of audiences in your niche helps to reach your brand more effectively.

LinkedIn has two different things – Personal Profile and Business Page. 

Personal Profile Photos Sizes: 

Profile Photo size 400*400 pixels.

Background Image 1584*396 pixels

Business Page Photos Sizes: 

Logo: 300*300 Pixels

Cover Image: 1192*220 Pixels

Square Logo: 60*60 Pixels

Shared Image: 1104*736 Pixels

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for any business either small, medium or large scale. When you have these all sizes of visual images, you don’t need to bother about it.

Pinterest Image Sizes:

Pinterest is one of the good platforms to promote products. Around 400 million users have an account and regularly engage too.

You should know three things in the Pinterest Images.

  • When you sign up using Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest will automatically use either platform Profile picture.
  • If you Create an account and Sign Up using Email Id, Profile photo size should be 165*165 pixels. When you upload an image make sure that size should not be more than 10MB.
  • Pinning Images to your board. The recommended size of Pinning Image 600*900 Pixels.
YouTube Image Sizes: 

As all we know YouTube is a video platform. Here we have only two images: Profile Image and Cover Image.

Profile Image: YouTube Profile photo should be 800*800 pixels. Make sure that image is very sharp and clear. Because when people click on the link, they are able to see your channel profile picture.

Cover Image: YouTube Cover Image size should be larger than any other social platforms. Cover photo size can be upto 1546*423 pixels.

Instagram Image Sizes: 

Instagram has three different images. They are Instagram Profile photos, Post Image and Stories.

Instagram Profile Image: Like Facebook, Instagram Profile Image will appear as rounded. Like Facebook, here can’t expand the image to view. Create a good quality with the size 110*110 pixels.

Instagram Posts: Instagram post size will be 612*612 pixels. You cannot add a link in the post description. Because it won’t be clickable. So we need to make sure the image should tell your audience about your brand clearly.

Instagram Stories: To get an active engagement for your Instagram page, Instagram stories play a major role. So, Instagram stories should post regularly. Instagram Stories size should be above 600*1067 pixels.


I hope the Top 6 Social Media Platforms and their Image sizes will help your business and help to increase your brand visibility and also your business growth.

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