How to Promote Your Facebook Page in successful method

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How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page in successful method

In the Universe, there are many social media platforms helps to promote business. In the row, Facebook is one of the most popular network which has more than 2 billion monthly active users. One of the perfect platform to build your brand awareness and also increase your audience

Let’s see “How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Invite Your Friends to like your page and share:

    In your Facebook Profile, there will be some of the Facebook friends already. So You have to invite them to like Your Facebook page.

Here the Explanation below “How to do it on desktop”       

  • Go to Your Facebook Page. Just scroll down slowly, In the right-hand side there is an option called COMMUNITY. 
Invite your facebook friends to like your page - Online Marketo
  • In the COMMUNITY section, click on “Invite Friends” button to get the list of Your Facebook Friends to invite.
Invite selectively to like online marketo facebook page
  • In the above screenshot, You can invite all friends by clicking “Select All” button or if you want to invite only specific friends, you can invite them to like it. 

            SELECT ALL:

Select All and invite


Select specific friends and invite them to like Online Marketo facebook page
  •     Next You need to click “Send Invites” button. Once done Your Friends will get notifications

Post good & relevant content on Your Facebook page:

  Once you are done with inviting Facebook Friends, need to concentrate on posting Your Business relevant content to get more post engagement.

  •         For Example, if you have a business website with blog page, share the link in Your Facebook page to get more engagement and also increase more traffic to your website.
  •         Post some good infographics, create polls and share some relevant and good content from other Facebook Pages.

Promote on Other relevant Groups:

This is one of the easiest way to promote Your Facebook page.

  •  For Example, If your Industry is relevant to “Digital Marketing” search Digital Marketing from Your Facebook Profile. 
  • Once Done, will get lots of relevant pages, posts, photos, groups, etc., Here need to filter by selecting groups. As you can see in the below screenshot.
Promote on other relevant facebook groups - Online Marketo
  • Here, Join on the Groups and share Your Facebook page link or Your Facebook page post links on the Groups.
  • In some groups need to get approval from the Group Admin, if you need to share (Closed Group). In some groups you can join and share Your post without needing any approval (Open Group).

Create Ads for “Page Likes”

Facebook is one of the cheapest platform to Run Paid Ads.

Here is the link to create Facebook Page Likes Ad –

  • When you plan for Paid Ads, you can easily target the right audience for your business like who have related interests.
  • In this way, you can reach more business relevant people and increase Page Likes.

   Right Time to Post on Your Facebook Page

  • First need to research more on posting time which reaches more. This is one of the organic way to reach your post with more audiences.
  • Go to Your Facebook previous post insights, find out which post had reached more in the post list.
  • The posts which are reached more will be the right time to post on Your Facebook page. 

For Example

In the above Image, These two posts have reached more than other post reach. Both posts have posted in between 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm. For this business page, audience are Online in between 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

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