Best 6 Places to Promote Your Blog Post for Traffic

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Blog sharing is one of the important way to generate traffic to your website as well as your shared blogs. Just posting blogs regularly will not generate traffic to your website without sharing it to other places. Here I am going to explain the best places to share your blogs for good traffic through organically in short period.

List of Places:

1. Medium
2. Facebook
3. LinkedIn
4. Pinterest
5. Quora
6. Reddit

1. Medium:

Medium is one of the right place to promote blog post. Here we can republish our existing blog full content using the feature called (rel=canonical link). Once posted the article on Medium, use other features like sharing on relevant community in Medium to increase traffic for the post.

Promote Blog Post on Medium - Online Marketo

2. Facebook:

There are two good places generates traffic in Facebook.

* Facebook Pages
* Facebook Groups

Important Note: To get more traffic to your blog post, share should be more relavent groups & pages.

Promote Blog Post on Facebook - Online Marketo

Facebook Pages: Suppose if you have a blog called “3 Advanced SEO Techniques to Generate Leads in coming year“, need to search and find pages relevant to SEO. Our target should be good pages which has more likes and followers. Based on the number of followers in the page, our blog post will get more traffic once we shared on the page.

Facebook Groups: Sharing on Facebook Groups is the other way to generate traffic for the blog post. Here same like pages, need to search and find blog post relevant groups. Once we find some groups need to give JOIN Request, if it is Private community. Once Joined we can promote blog post for the traffic.

3. LinkedIn:

Same like Medium, LinkedIn also allows you to share blog post as an article in your profile. You can share Full Blog Content on your LinkedIn, Google won’t consider it as duplicate content even though shows duplicate in Copyscape. Here also we can share our articles on relevant groups to generate traffic.

4. Pinterest:

Pinterest is an another best way to generate traffic for your blog post. Create a Pinterest board and share the blog post link and allow other people to add their content about the given topic.

5. Quora:

Quora is the best place to improve your blog interaction and traffic. This is one of the best Q&A site use to discuss topics by asking questions to others and answering for others questions.

6. Reddit:

Reddit is a bookmarking site. You just need to share the blog post link in the relevant subreddit community. Join on the relevant community and share to increase traffic for the blog posts.

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