How to Improve Your Keyword Rankings in Google

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How to Improve your keyword rankings in Google - Online Marketo

How can YOU Improve your Keyword Rankings in Google? According to the statistics, Google’s First page results gets 95% of the website traffic. How business owners are getting success in their business. Mostly their business are comes from through search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing website visibility of your website and generating leads. To increase your traffic, keyword optimization is one of the important techniques.

How to Improve your keyword Rankings in Google?

There are top 7 ways helps to improve your keyword rankings in Google. They are

  • Focus on User Experience.
  • Target the right keywords.
  • Create quality Inbound Links.
  • Stay Updates on Google Algorithm.
  • Choose the Engaging Titles.
  • Fix Technical Issues.
  • Measure Your Keyword Rankings.

How to improve your keyword rankings in google - Online Marketo

Let’s see detailed about each techniques how it helps

1. Focus on User Experience

User Experience is one of the important factors to improve your keyword rankings and website traffic. There are some of the UX techniques to improve your user experience and SEO.

1. Check your website bounce rate regularly.
2. Check your website session duration.
3. Use proper Heading Tags.
4. Improve your site navigation.
5. Improve your website loading speed.
6. Mobile Responsiveness.
7. Focus on User-Friendly URL Structure.

Focus on User Experience and boost your SEO - Online Marketo

2. Target the Right Keywords

One of the important factors to improve your keyword rankings is focus on the right keywords.

How to get the right keywords?

Right Keywords are nothing but search phrase are called right keywords. Focus on Google Suggest and People also Ask keywords will improve your website traffic.

Target the Right Keywords - Online Marketo

sprout social

Google Suggest:

Google gives you the keyword phrase suggestion which will be a combination of two to five word phrases relevant to your core keyword. Pick those keywords and do on-page optimization.
Outdated SEO Techniques - Online Marketo
In the above image, my search phrase is outdated SEO, based on that most user search phrases google suggesting like “outdated seo practices”,”outdated seo tactics” and “outdated seo techniques”. Pick those keyword phrases and optimize on the website.
Because whatever Google is suggesting are most searched by the Google Users. Once you optimize those keywords on the website or writing article for that will help you to gain traffic to your website, if your website is ranking on first page. So Focus on “Google Suggest”.

People also Ask

Based on your search term, Google suggest you what most of the people are looking for in search engines. Pick those topics and write an article about it to improve your website traffic.
Here when i search “best CMS for SEO” Google suggest some of the questions what people searches more.

Focus on Google Suggest and People also Ask will definitely bring website traffic and improving your keyword rankings, if you do proper on-page optimization.

3. Create Quality Inbound Links

What is Inbound Links?

Inbound links are the links from other websites to your website. If your website has more inbound links, it boosts your website DA and PA to rank your website in search engines.
Create Quality Inbound Links - Online Marketo

Why Inbound Links are Important for SEO?

Inbound Link are called backlinks. To rank your website higher your website should have high quality backlinks. This is otherwise called as off-page optimization.

How backlinks helps to boost your website?

1. Increase brand awareness.
2. Increase website traffic.
3. Chance to get business.

How to get backlinks?

1. Create quality content and post in high DA sites.
2. Choose your target keywords.
3. Make your content visually perfect.
4. Create more than 1200 words content.

4. Stay Updates on Google Algorithm

SEO Professional always look into the latest algorithm updates on Google. Because every time when Google Algorithm changes, your website ranking will fluctuate and drop the results.
So, based on the latest SEO Algorithm, need to optimize your website to rank higher. Target on Top Google Algorithm and work for this.
SEO Algorithm Updates - Online Marketo
Each algorithm will give you different updates to work on SEO like


If your website has duplicate content, thin content and keyword stuffing, your website keyword ranking will drop on search engine.

Like this each Google SEO Algorithm have different updates based on what search users mostly looking for in a website.
Based on that, you need to be updated and optimize your website to improve your keyword rankings better.

5. Choose the Engaging Titles

Engaging Titles are nothing but Optimizing the long term most searched keywords on Meta Title. Meta Title helps Google or other search engines to understand what your page is about?
Meta Title are used in three places on online (Search Engine Results Pages, Web Browsers and Social Networks)

How should i write good Title Tag?

Title Tags are one of the most important on-page SEO factors.
1. Write Unique Titles
2. Follow Title Length less than 60 characters.
3. Focus Target Keyword on Title.
4. Title Tags should be short, but more powerful.

Powerful Meta Tags - Online Marketo

6. Fix Technical SEO Issues

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a process of optimizing your website for crawling and indexing phrase. Technical SEO can help to crawl and index your website without any problems.
Technical SEO Issues - Online Marketo

What are the Technical SEO Issues?

Actually Technical SEO issues will hurt your website and drop keyword ranking.
1. Loading Speed Issues.
2. Structured Data and rich snippets.
3. User Friendly Issues.

How to Fix the Technical SEO Issues?

1. Loading Speed
Loading Speed issues can fix using online tools. Google Speed Insights helps you to find issues and to fix.
Loading Page Speed Issues - Online Marketo
Loading Speed Issues - Online Marketo
2. Structured Data and Rich Snippets
Structured Data is a format to find information about your webpage.It serves search engines like Google and Bing to better understanding what the web page is about. Use Structured Data Testing Tool and find the issues and fix it.
Structured Data and Rich Snippets issues - Online Marketo
If there is any structured data issues, this tool will help you to find and fix.
3. User Friendly Issues
To become User Friendly, your website should be mobile friendly. Now most of the searches comes through mobile devices. So, make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Use Mobile Friendly Testing tool and fix the issues

Mobile Friendly Issues - Online Marketo

7. Measure Your Keyword Rankings:

Most important factor is measuring your keyword ranking performance. Login to Google Search Console and get the search queries. It helps to get an idea about what are the keywords driving traffic to your website.
For Example
Google Search Console Search Queries - Online Marketo

  • Most Valuable Keywords.
  • Find Underperforming Keywords.
  • Conclusion:

    Some other ways also will improve your keyword rankings in Google.

    • Optimize for Search Engines & Users.
    • Provide Answers for the Questions People ask for.
    • Regularly Optimize & Improve Content.

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