5 ways to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2020

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Improve Google My Business Ranking - Online Marketo

Important Google My Business Ranking Factor:

Google My Business Ranking is an important ranking factor in local SEO.

Google follows some of the following factors to explain the local ranking position

  1. Add relevant Business Pictures
  2. Encourage Reviews
  3. Add All Locations
  4. Keep Your Business Information up to date
  5. Respond to Negative Reviews

Add relevant Business Pictures

First thing need to give more importance are pictures for your business. You should have different aspects of your business such as logo, interior, exterior, cover photos, team photos and if you have product you can add product photos too. Because when user look at your business first their eyes will catches your pictures.

Add relevant Business Pictures - Online Marketo

Encourage Reviews

When somebody searches business name in search engine, first they will look at the ratings and reviews about the business in GMB Profile. So getting good reviews from the happy customers will be more helpful to get new customers.

For Example, People check Digital Marketing Agency in their area. Even your Company is ranking in local listing, they will check mainly reviews and ratings of your business. So if you have 10 to 15 reviews in your GMB Profile, it helps customers more likely trust your business. How to get reviews quickly?

You need to contact your existing happy customers and asking them to review their experience with your through Email. Have an other option, use some review management platforms such as ReviewPush and BirdEye. It allows you to

  • Review request through sending text messages.
  • Respond to new Google Reviews directly from email alerts.

Add All Locations

If your business are placed in many locations, you need to add all locations in GMB Profile.

For Example, Assume if you are having your business in three locations like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. If some customers search Digital Marketing Company from Mumbai area, your Mumbai location should appear on Google My Business ranking. If not, they will go with other service providers. So, make sure that multiple location has been added in your Google My Business ranking profile.

Keep Your Business Information up to date

Location, Category, opening hours, pictures and company description are important to keep it up to date. Atleast try to check the mentioned information weekly once. If Your GMB is not up to date, it affects GMB visibility too.

For Example, Your business (Online Marketo) is running in one place but not updated the current location in GMB profile. In this case, when customers type your business name on search engine or Google maps it will show the old location. So, make sure to keep your GMB up to date.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Bad reviews about your business on GMB is one of the biggest problem which affects your business. So, try to respond to negative reviews instantly.

Whenever you Google My Business ranking shows negative reviews from the customers, contact those customers and ask apologize. This helps to understand new customers that how much you care about your clients.

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  • That’s gud one to know abt google my business

    Nishanth February 13, 2020 4:51 pm Reply
  • The vast majority of the suggestions here give pre-programmed fixes. I haven’t ever felt fully overjoyed about the Yoast design. It just always dings me for things that are already there. I’m currently beginning to transition to INK for All

    Stella February 28, 2020 12:03 pm Reply

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