How to start a Successful Career in SEO?

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How to start successful Career in SEO - Online Marketo

SEO is one of the part of Digital Marketing. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the trending Businesses in 20th century. You must have a clear vision and knowledge to make your SEO career in a right path. There are multiple courses and online classes to be an SEO expert. If you want to start a successful SEO career, you must join any of those courses and get perfectly certified.

How to start successful SEO Career - Online Marketo

The SEO course will teach you the complete pattern of SEO course, ways to become an SEO expert and to develop your traffic within two months. The first and foremost thing before you enter into SEO career, you must have the knowledge about it.

Follow the steps to start successful SEO Career

Step 1: Boost up your SEO skills
Step 2: Develop your communication skills
Step 3: Obtain fundamental development skills
Step 4: Master in SEO Tools
Step 5: Pick up your Analytical skills
Step 6: Know about Google Webmaster Guidelines
Step 7: Get experienced in SEO [Practically]
Step 8: Google Advertisements
Step 9: Start your SEO career

Step by Step process for SEO Career

Step 1: Boost up your SEO skills

Get to know the Various types of SEOs like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO. As you are going to be an SEO Expert, you must have thorough knowledge of how Search engines work and how to optimize search engines to get top rank with high traffic. Be sure that you can understand the terms in SEO based topics and terminologies as keyword research, back links, link buildings, black hat SEO and White hat SEO. Its more beneficial to join in SEO course than to learn in Google.

An SEO expert needs to get the diverse set of skills which is a package of communication, analytical and development skills which is Basic HTML tags. The first and the important tools you must know are Google sheets and Excel. CRITICAL THINKING is important for SEO professionals to analyse and differentiate Correlation and Causation. An SEO Specialist must think of their errors of the past works and work more to never let those mistakes to repeat. An SEO company must think whether you are good in perceiving the problem from multiple angles and in DECISION MAKING. Its an important tool to flow your SEO career smoothly.

Step 2: Develop your communication skills

Speaking and Writing are incredibly necessary to become an SEO expert and shine in your SEO career. When it comes to explain your clients or at meetings you must be having a good speaking skill. Work on it to deliver the clarity in your speech. And also writing skill is needed when writing case studies, decks, POVs etc.

If you are not good at writing in English, you must work on it. This will be a plus when you get the international projects. Reading too helps you to understand and interpret the basic HTML code, Java script and structure of the website. SEO career will be focusing on SEO related settings such as permalinks, sitemaps, comment settings etc.

Step 3: Obtain fundamental development skills

Guiding your developers when you want to make SEO based changes in a website. For that you must know what to include and how to create website traffic.

Step 4: Master in SEO Tools

When you start an SEO career, you must know the SEO tools. There are plenty of tools and the right ones help your life better. I’ll share you some amazing tools. They are,

  • Copyscape
  • Yoast SEO
  • Woo Rank
  • Back-link checker
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google page speed insights
Best SEO Tools - Online Marketo

Yoast SEO is the most famous one and without knowing in and out of this tool, you cannot be an SEO professional. SEMRUSH is also a good tool to work on keyword research, Competitor analysis, website structure, link building and so on. These are known as keyword tactics. You must be familiar with Keyword Rank Checker. Its a tool to decide your page in a rank based on keyword search.

Step 5: Pick up your Analytical skills

You need to build your Analytical skills. There must be preparing the reports for the clients and to your higher authorities. An SEO company expects you to gather the data from various sources as Google analytics, SEMrush etc. An SEO company will choose the skilled people in Project Management in Data Visualization and research.

Step 6: Know about Google Webmaster Guidelines & expert in it

In Google webmaster Guidelines, google has fixed some rules. From that we can know everything about the rules and standards. It helps from the loss of traffic. If you are well known about the Google webmaster Guidelines, you can control every situations of SEO. So, be in fingertip to understand the guidelines. This can be questioned in the interview.

Step 7: Get experienced in SEO [Practically]

Practice is the best therapy for everyone who is a beginner. However you get knowledge over from any tools, website or any course, the practical knowledge teaches you the most and the best. So concentrate on your practice and experience across your whole site.To become a successful SEO, not only formal educations and SEO certificates needed but also you ought to practice SEO and get succeed in improving the organic traffic and rankings so that you can get more clients.

When SEO company hires you, they must notice the three important things. They are
1. Work experience
2. Skill to develop their rankings
3. Ability to create an organic traffic and more clients to their website.

Get Experienced in SEO Practically - Online Marketo

To get experienced, you create a website asap by keyword research. Do keyword research as many as you can and get top rankings. Its definitely will not be a bed of roses to get the best results in the first attempt itself. You need to practice and work on it. Keep trying till you get the satisfied ranking and the high traffic to your website. This is your first SEO identity to get the clients.

Step 8: Google Advertisements

SEM – Search Engine Marketing is all about the paid Google Advertisements. Know the difference between SEO and SEM. When learning the facts and tactics of SEO, you must understand about the Google Ads and how it works. Google ads are one of the best thing to show your digital marketing service to your customers.

Step 9: Start your SEO career

The final stage is to get your clients. After learning those skills and experiencing it, you start your SEO career. As it is the early stage of SEO career, you can register for a freelancer account in the portals like Fiverr and Upwork. In that, you can choose SEO jobs on a low budget basis to get more experience. Once you are good enough in getting experience, you can get ready for the future interviews. All set go to shine in your SEO career.

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