How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO in 2020

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How to get Right Keywords for SEO - Online Marketo

Tips to Choose right Keywords for SEO

There are many great tools are available to do Keyword Research like (Google Keyword Planner & kw finder). Keyword Research is one of the easiest processes in SEO finding keywords through tools. But, there is lot of difficulties of choosing right keywords for SEO to target. It requires lot of efforts to put and the results won’t be as we expected at the end.

So here we will have some of the important tips to choose right keyword for your organizations.

Analyze your Goal:

Whoever running a business, there goal would be to generate Leads, increase website traffic and rank targeted keywords on top in the search engines. So need to understand the business first and then who is our target audiences.

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If we are successful in these two, we are the best to choose right keywords for SEO to our organization.

Identify our Competitors:

There are many great tools available to find our competitors like SEMrush, Similarweb, etc., Using these tools we have to check what they are targeting to increase their search rankings.

Finding our competitors - Online Marketo

Does they provide same services and have same type of products?

If Yes, then we have to learn some of things from their ranking website.


Their Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Tags.

Find where they exactly optimized targeted keywords in the page.

Once got some of the competitors ranking tips, optimize it with your website to rank the right keywords.


List some of the top keywords and search those on the search engines. Once done, note down the below things

  • Which Keyword is ranking top on SERP?
  • Can you find your competitors on the search results?

Once you got these two information, you will get some ideas to rethink about your strategy and choose right keywords and topics in better way.

Monitor Performance:

Monitor performance of both Paid and Organic search to get some tips to find right keywords for SEO. Because, some keywords may perform better than other keywords.

Some of the areas need to be focus

  • Some of the keywords got more number of impressions but very few clicks.
  • Some of the keywords generate more traffic to the website, but there is not a lot of conversions.
  • Some of the Keywords can’t rank organically when competition remains high.

Once we segregate all the above areas, we will have some clear map about what keywords need to be focused.

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