15 Great Business Ideas from home during COVID-19

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15 Great Business Ideas to start from home in 2020 - Online Marketo

Battle Against COVID -19:

“The Dark Cloud hides the Star”. Likewise, the  Corona Virus outrage has affected most of the business to disaster. Businessmen and Entrepreneurs are facing a huge trouble during this Pandemic nightmare. This will definitely take time and obscure to become as usual. 40 million people have lost their job in this lockdown scenario. Its not a piece of cake to wait for a long time. As this situation exceeds day by day, the people are forced to look for an alternate solution to run their day-to-day life.  To overcome this hard situation, we can think of some Business Ideas from home in 2020. Customers also feel the bitterness to be out and shop. 

15 Great Business Ideas from home - Online Marketo

Survival of this Sickness :

There are Ocean of Opportunities that  can lead you a wave of Success. Does COVID-19 flop all your offline business?  Don’t panic. Its time to step into the Online business. Upcoming period let you know the traffic approaching the Online platform. Its really an amazing chance to begin a home-based online job. Its easy for the customer too to get their products at their doorstep. 

Business Ideas from Home:

You can start up with the online Consultancy Business easily and contact the clients through online. Here are few online business Ideas from Home.

  • Begin with your Online Health and Fitness training
  • Entertainers – Online
  • Online Education (Tutoring)
  • Set up with your Online Dance/music classes
  • Start with your Online Yoga classes
  • Share your tips and tricks for Gardening and Terrace gardening
  • Start with your online beautician courses.

Why everything in Online?

As Government says, we must obey the rule”Stay Home, Stay Safe”. Everyone likes to learn anything new and innovative. Its hard to go out and learn so everything in online is beneficial.

Sources we need for Online Business Ideas from Home:

We can start the Online Business with the low budget. The needed items are a perfect workspace in home, an online platform to work, and the particular things for the specified job. For instance, 
Music Classes – Musical Instruments.
Online Education (Tutoring) – Appropriate books.
Cooking classes – Specified ingredients to cook.
With those materials, you will be ready to start and carry on.

1. Start up your Online Music/Dance classes

Amidst this lockdown scenario, many parents think of sending their children to Music or Dance classes due to their mischievousness and also to learn something new. So its the right time to start online classes and start earning.

2. Online Education (Tutoring)

Corona Virus has been attacked millions of people and learners particularly. As Educational institutions are locked, studies of the students have become a question mark. Parents and students are so worried about the studies spoiled due to this lockdown. Everybody is ready to accept the home based online tutoring classes.

Online Education Business Ideas - Online Marketo

Even after lockdown, they will be in fond of online classes.They are wanting the online tutors to teach them. If you are interested in teaching and from the education field, you can start up with the online tutoring classes. Its on high demand in recent times. This is the golden Opportunity. So without wasting time, start online tutoring classes and start earning from now on.

3. Sales and Marketing

There are plenty of Online Business Ideas. Do you have a clarity of communication and strategy to gain profitable customers?? Then ‘Sales and Marketing’ is easier to you.

‘Sales and Marketing’ jobs are in trend in the Online platform. Many different companies are hiring for the digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing grows massively. So, if you think you have skills apt for this job, begin now and start earning.

4. Freelancing

Business ideas from home fix people in a convenient zone. Freelancing also one of the best jobs you can earn via online. Many projects such as Social media marketing, sales projects, digital marketing projects, web designing projects, Freelance content marketing etc are there to earn. You can choose wisely according to the skills you have.

5. Online Delivery Business

The Online Shopping is on peak. Most of us order from the clothes to even food in online and get it at our doorsteps. After COVID -19, this business is getting even higher value. Some of the online delivery business target on various product deliveries. So take step to deliver at the doorstep. You can also choose to deliver the grocery items, everyday needs and medicines etc. We can help you to start up the business within a day, if you are interested.

6. Medical Transcription Service

Its a great idea if you have a computer, the applicable software and skill to type quickly. This will keep you in a flexible schedule. 

7. Set up a Freelancer marketplace like Fiverr

Still you didn’t convince with any of the above -mentioned business ideas from home, you can try to ‘set up a freelancer marketplace’. Its interesting that you can begin your Freelancer market place like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and 99 Designs etc. You can feel free to connect with us to get such exciting opportunities.

8. Travel Planner

Companies or some organizations still need help for travel arrangements. So you can setup business on Travel Planner and offer your services.

9. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is much needed for most of us in the daily life because of so much stress. So be a Yoga Instructor and provide yoga training classes and earn money regularly.

Yoga Instructor Online Business - Online Marketo

10. Blogger

You can make money by writing blogs and serving it to required corporate companies. You can run Google Ad Sense and make money through your blog website. You can insert affiliate marketing link in your website and get paid in commission based. Online Marketo is created by a professional Digital Marketing Blogger who is specialize in SEO, SMO, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

11. App Designer

Small Business need an app to get customers. If you are technical good, you can create applications and sell it to business owners.

12. Catering Services

Catering is one of the good business idea from home. You can cook food in your kitchen and take it to your client locations or to the events.

13. Photographer

If you are a professional photographer, you can teach others who are interested on photography. You can conduct a photography courses through online.

14. Social Media Consultant

Popular Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not only use for business and also helps individuals. Be like a Social Media Consultant and have a list of ideas to improve others business with your social media strategies.

Social Media Consultant Business Ideas - Online Marketo

15. Online Store

Create an online store to sell products. It may be your own products or items you get from manufacturers or suppliers. Here we have different eCommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, etc., These are the platforms where customers buy their needs. Even you can have these multiple platforms to run your online business.


Home Business is a dream for many people around the world including me. If people asks, you want to work under a company or start business What do you prefer?

99% heart says lets start business, earn profit and live happy life at home. So, here have listed with you some of the great home based business ideas you can start it in 2020.

All business have competition which we cannot make you easily grow your business. To do some good business, you should have unique business ideas. You have to invest your knowledge and little money to do profitable business.

This is the time to be optimistic. We must fight against corona pandemic and overcome this. Stay in home and stay empowered. Start your business at home and be busy with it. Be Connected with us for further more doubts how to move ahead. We are ready to help you.” Its all about finding peace in the chaos ”


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