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The most important thing to get more audience engagement, your brand should need to focus on Quality Content.

The other Name of Google Discover is “Google Feed”.

How Discover is appears on your mobile?

Google Feed is based on user’s browsing history and their interests and the phrase which they have search in Google. The Advantage of Google Feed is gives information to the users before they search.

Over 600 million users are using Discover in all over the world.

Before “Google Feed” and Now “Google Discover”

List of Updates to the Google Discover

  1. Updated Content
  2. Discover on the homepage
  3. New Design
  4. Full Control
Updated Content: 

When it was Google Feed, most of the content will be news coverage. But after revamped to Discover, Google confirmed to include everlasting content. Everlasting content describes “not new content” but it may be “new to you”. Discover will pull content based on your search history.

Discover on the Homepage:

In 2012, Google Feed was reachable via Google Mobile Application. But now, Google planning to reach Discover Feed on all mobile browsers.

New Design:

Now the design is totally changed and focusing on visual content. And nowadays, each post on the Discover show with clickable Header and Discover icon on the Topic. When somebody click, it will show topic relevant full post content.

Full Control:

At the top of each post, right side there will be three dots vertically, Click on it to indicate what you wish to choose

“Hide this story”

“Not Interested”

“Hide Spoilers”

“Stop Showing Video Highlights”

“Customize the feed”

“send feedback”

Steps to Optimizing for Google Discover:

Google Discover is similar like Google Search Engine, without keyword optimization and any search queries would not be enough to rank on Discover.

Here few steps to follow:
  1. Create Quality and Trending Content.
  2. Create Everlasting Content.
  3. Build Trustworthy Content.
  4. Multiple Languages Content.
  5. Use more Images and Quality Videos.
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