How to Find Freelance Technical SEO Experts during Covid-19?

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How to Find Freelance Technical SEO Experts during Covid-19 - Online Marketo

Here i will give you few options helps to solve Technical issues which you cannot solve yourself during Covid-19.

Build a trusted network of content & Tech SEO People

It is not easy to build a quality and regular engaged Tech Group in a short period. It takes more time to build an massive Technical group. So here your goal should be find trusted people in your circle like Linkedin, Quora and Reddit where you can share your strategies openly.

Many of the them like AdamRiemer took 10+ years to build trusted and massive Tech groups after attending many conferences like

  • Webinars
  • Affiliate
  • Blog Shows

From the above conferences Adam Riemer found some of the people who write code and build websites. People who attended his conferences does not know the speed, rendering, etc.,

They does not know this is the part of SEO and when he explained them the needs of SEO, they just curious more to know about SEO and they ask SEO to their website.

He started sharing his personal Strategies and that helps to get invited into many private Facebook Groups. Once he become a member in the Facebook groups, started asking SEO relevant questions. This is the place where i can get answers for free. This is how i find tech SEO Experts to solve his problems who he trust.

Create an Hourly & Project-Based Vendor List

Once he build his network, he created a spreadsheet and with the details like price per hour they are charging or charging per project.

Adding these all details helps him to choose right Freelance SEO Experts. The spreadsheet details like

  • Column A – Vendor Name
  • Column B – price per hour they are charging
  • Column C – price per project they are charging.
  • Based on the Projects he included a Column D and added details like the number of Pages work (100 pages, 100-1000, 1000-5000, etc.,)
  • Column E – Project Completion Time (Number of Days, umber of Weeks or Number of Months
  • Column F – This is one of the most important column in the lists. Because here will analyze either they will deliver the project on time or they will have responsibility of the project. If the analysis comes below 8 out of 10, that vendor won’t get projects.

At the end, i will conclude and find the right vendor with the help of what project went well and what was not went well. This helps me to ignore vendors and their relationships whose projects does not went well.

Post to Social Media & Advertise the Question

When this above list of options does not work, will post on social media. If i really cannot able to solve the problem, even advertise it as a post. So that the right people who has the same skill sets will answer and give solutions for the problem.

For Example, if there is a question about rendering problem, i will ask as a question and run Ads on Facebook. I will offer hourly pay for consulting if they can help.

Targeted people will be like

  • Interests in Coding, Java Script and Web Development.
  • Interests in Digital Marketing, SEO and E commerce.
  • Job Title – Full Stack Developer, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Executive and Webmasters.
  • Employer – I will look out the brands who has large number of development and Digital Marketing Team.

I will find the specific people like who works into the same field, same platform and interest in SEO & Digital Marketing.

There are the above list of options where you can find Freelance Technical SEO Experts when you can’t solve the problem by yourself.


As a SEO Expert, i can help you out to find right SEO Vendors in Chennai. If you have static or wordpress website and need SEO, contact onlinemarketo and approach them for the Quality SEO work.

Positive Points to approach Online Marketo

  • Quality SEO work.
  • Cost is cheaper than any freelancers.
  • Responsibility – They think it as their business.

I hope this helps you to find SEO Freelancers to work on your projects. And i can suggest an SEO Expert who would be the right person for your brands and Projects.

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