Best Twitter Tools to Increase Your Followers in 2020

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Twitter Posts are limited to 280 Characters. Twitter’s approaches different way from other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Twitter is the best place for brief your thoughts. For each social media marketer, the challenge is figuring out how to increase followers on Twitter.

There are some of the Social Media Marketing Tools designed to grow your twitter followers.

3 Best Twitter Tools

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Twitter Analytics

1. Hootsuite

One of the favourite social media marketing tool loved by marketers in all over the world. The Unique part of Hootsuite tool is allow you to manage multiple profiles in multiple social media platforms at the same period.

Hootsuite is specially made for enterprises and agencies with sub-brands. There are 8 million people using Hootsuite to enhance their social media strategy.

It helps you to identify your target audience like type of followers you want to engage with? Hootsuite allows you to create, import and share list of posts.

Hootsuite has three additional features that helps to engage with target audience.

  • Manage engagement workflows.
  • Track Interaction history.
  • Search by location or language.

Use Hootsuite features and improve your engagement for all social platforms.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a simple tool that allows you to schedule social media posts in various social media platforms. It is mainly focusing on post scheduling. You can integrate social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

How to connect social platforms on Buffer?

In the above image, you can see i have connected Online Marketo Social Media Pages (Facebook and Twitter).

Once you get connected with your accounts, you can schedule your posts before.

Post Scheduling on Twitter - Online Marketo

Use Buffer and do multiple post schedule for multiple platforms in the same account.

3. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a official tool of Twitter. Twitter Analytics helps you to understand your audience in a better way and gives idea for how to boost engagement.

Some of the benefits of Twitter Analytics

  • It is very easy to access and understand.
  • It gives 100% accurate data.

There are three categories can help you to increase your engagement like Tweets, Tweet Impressions and Profile Visits.

You can see in the last 28 days Tweet Impressions and Followers increased. With only 8 tweets, you can understand here how much impressions, followers and profile visits can increase. Keep in mind always choose some trending and relevant topics to post.

You need to have best strategy to execute and regular tweet to get more engage.


Use all the above mentioned Best Twitter tools to increase your Twitter Followers

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