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Plenty of blogs are written and posted daily. How can you reach the high rankings, and organic traffic to your website? You must learn the ways to victory, according to millions of bloggers. We are here to help you.

There are tons of different ways to boost your content. You need to ultimately decide which is best for you depend on the ways you want to promote your website in the first place. Do you want to increase your audience eventually? Do you want an authority on your blog? Both are excellent ways to utilize a blog to develop a business. Still, so many ways can promote that can impact on each goal of yours.

An Award-winning Web Design and Web development company, ‘Orbit media’ conveys their trends and statistics survey of Blogging. Their contents are completely a package of valuable information, tidbits, and graphs. I’m sharing with you some blogging tips which can help you.


Concentrate on your content:

  Plan effectively and focus on preparing better content, if you want to increase your blog traffic. As you know, content is given priority. ‘Better content’ in the sense, not only about quality but also being strategic and marketing efforts with your content. The content must be fulfilling specific needs. When you write, think of your audience and their likings. It might take one week from planning till publishing for a blog post.

   If I need any ideas, I’ll check out Quora what are the questions being posted that relate to our Industry. ‘Buzzsumo’ is another one which helps you to write something even better. The content style can be beautiful infographics, statistics, and information sharing via video.

Evergreen contents:

    You can invest so much time to produce quality content. You will be relaxed once you hit the publish button. But, it’s not that easy. Publishing the content is only halfway done. It can be outdated in a few weeks. The content must be an everlasting one that everybody wants to read over a while. Keep your content fresh and updated. Get more quality links. Research, and get blogging tips and tricks to update instantly.

    According to the ‘Blogging Statistics and Trends’ survey, more than 33% of the bloggers are not updating their content after publishing it. If you want to be successful in this field, you must update your old content 2X more. Updating content is one of the best ways to compete with your competitors that can increase your rankings and website traffic.

  •  Start analyzing your content from now on for your old posts.
  • Check the rankings and traffic when your posts were at its peak.
  • If it’s decreased, check whether your rankings have changed.
  •  If your answer is ‘yes’, it’s time to update your content as the expectation of your audience.

    To get the perfect keywords on your target, you can enter to SERPs and analyze the posts which have the ranking above yours. Ask yourself more questions like how do your competitors work for their content which you have not done for your content. After getting the correct answer, work more on updating your content and republish it. Get back your right SERPs position.

Spare your time more on each post:

     You may think to complete your content as soon as possible. Here the lack of research begins. According to the blogging survey report, most of the people spend their time writing a blog post for an average of three hours and fifty- seven minutes. That is not enough unless and otherwise, you are an expert.

     As content is incredible in digital marketing, It’s hard to analyze and go into a deeper understanding of the topic. Deep research and summarization of the keywords into 1000+ words need more than 4 hours. You must create in your style instead of searching for blogging tips and keywords from the top blog posts. The blog post is successful only when you spend your time on research, tutorials, and studies. They give you the real value to the post and increase your ranking. At least, you must spend 6 hours per day. The more you spend your time on research, the more traffic you will get. You can use some images to enhance your post and explain easily complex topics.

Importance of Editing:

   In blogging tips, editing is the main theme of the story. Your company reaches the audience only through your content. It must be good in style, tone, and without grammatical errors. So, ‘Editing’ plays a vital role. Most of the bloggers edit on their own.

   I suggest you recheck or edit your content to others. According to the survey, the people who have formal editors gain better results. Grammatical, spelling errors and, bad editing can damage your content and your brand. I always use Grammarly to check grammar, conciseness, clarity, vocabulary, spelling mistakes, and even punctuation marks. There, you can customize your goals, style, emotion, and, human proofreading. So, your content can be checked thoroughly. I also use Smallseotools  to detect plagiarism.

   If you are not aware of good editors, you can get knowledge about Fiverr, and  Upwork. Whatever you are going through, however you have written perfectly, editing your content is very important which helps your readers.

Start being Unique:

You shouldn’t write for the sake of writing. You must focus on what others are not focusing on. Think widely. Many of the applications are there in Google to help you write good content. Some of them that I know are  SEMrush, Search Engine Journal, Moz, Wordstream, and, HubSpot.

  Many of the bloggers don’t do many works. So, it’s the right time to utilize those tools and make your content rank high. Research your topics, sub-topics, and develop the length of  the content. But, do not make it too long. The readers don’t want to read a lengthy one.

  Mingle with your Influencers. It helps in sharing their blogging tips and tricks. By this you can boost  the credibility of your content. Adding Images, Video and audio can add more value and the readers can easily understand.

These are some blogging tips and tricks to rank high.


   You are competing with millions of bloggers with their contents being written,edited, and published as everyone. With these blogging tips, you must be peculiar in doing these same works. Differentiate your work with others. That is all about blogging tips.

Be strategic in writing your content, Edit smartly without errors, Research old content and update it, Fill it with attracting images,videos and do what most bloggers don’t.

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